The National Republican Senate Committee – Senate Republican Campaign Army – did not return in a campaign ad too late Joe Manchin, DWW. The advertisement, released in early August, claimed that “West Virginia Joe” had turned into “Washington Joe”. And an important exhibition for this argument was an expensive boat he owned.

Manchin owns a “$ 700,000 D.C. luxury yacht,” said Aden, who illustrated the requirement with a photograph showing a docked vessel. Is this correct? We took a closer look. Does Manchin have a boat? Manchin’s campaign does not dispute that he owns a boat, “Almost Heaven”, says that’s where the Manchin has typically lived in Washington and not home in West Virginia.

In fact, the boat is hardly a secret. It has been written periodically before; Articles often refer to sessions, he is on board with other legislators to negotiate legislation and strategy. In 2014, Time Magazine wrote that both “Almost Heaven” and Manchin’s former “Black Tie” serve as “a kind of liquid incubator of the sweetest of Washington flowers in the first decades of the 21st century: bipartisanship.”

Is the ship worth $ 700K? To back up the claim, NRSC PolitiFact provided a document labeled “general index or abstract of title continuation sheet No. 1”, the cost of the vessel was raised $ 700,000. Manchin’s campaign instead offered another document with a lower dollar figure.

The document, a sales memorandum from 2014, said the purchase price for the ship was $ 220,000. The document says that Manchin bought the boat from M & T Bank, with National Liquidators as a broker of the sale. Independent experts, we contacted were unable to explain the difference in the two dollar numbers, besides speculating that the vessel was purchased from a seller eager to get rid of it and later insured on the boat’s market value.

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