The Classical Association of Yacht Owners (CYOA) today proclaimed a plan to continue and extend the series which was earlier known as the challenge of Panerai Classic Yachts into 2019.The announcement was made that there is an idea to expand and continue the series and it was made by the CYOA.

With Panerai‘s as of late declared expectation to cease their help of great yachting occasions in both Europe and the US, the arrangement was left without an Organizing Authority. This is something the Classic Yacht Owners Association was worked to do, and working in an organization with the individual occasion coordinators Corinthian YC, Sailing Community of Nantucket, the IYRS and Museum of Herreshoff, CYOA will assume control organization of the arrangement for 2019 and past.

CYOA chairmen (head) said that “We respect Panerai for their commitment of 13-year to classic yachting in England (New)”. Organizing Authorities will be laid upon now in CYOA with a partnership with other events as they have set a huge Foundation.

CYOA will cooperate with patrons to grow and upgrade the arrangement to the advantage of all great yacht proprietors. With CYOA leading the pack in this undertaking, the objective is to distinguish a center gathering of accomplices that have the assets and the longing to help take the exemplary yacht hustling background in the US to the following dimension with reliable and astounding dashing joined with tremendous get-togethers.

CYOA will likewise search for chances to grow the arrangement past the momentum four scenes and to create community, oriented associations with the great yacht dashing circuit in Europe. Now, CYOA is in a position to declare it with surety that the series is going to continue and now have different great opportunities to give the experience of another level or next level to their participants and owners in upcoming years.

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