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The World Sailing & 11th Hour Racing announces a sum of $10,000 USD for the winner of Sustainability Award World Sailing 11th Hour for the next 3 years. It celebrates the great execution and sustainability initiatives in alignment to 2030 World Sailing Sustainability Agenda. Sailing clubs, National Federations, individual sailors, event organizers, or organizations meaning sailing activities who have successfully delivered the initiative of sustainability post November 2017 are eligible to take part.

The organization or individual sailors can be nominated through its members or workers or through another organization or an individual. The project should be in alignment with the objectives of World Sailing and demonstrate impacts that are innovative and meaningful. The last date for application is on 8th of October 2018, ahead of the sailing conference in Rhodes.

The manager of World Sailing, Dan Reading said the award will help both parties to understand in depth about initiatives taken worldwide and organizations who contribute to ensure there is a sustainable future for this sport. The manager said that the process would be utilized to amplify and also gain knowledge from successful projects for the betterment of World Sailing Sustainability agenda 2030.

11th Hour Racing is significant partners who have contributed to deliver the Youth Sailing Championships 2018. The company is excited to partner with them once more as they have largely supported in projects at every level as far as sailing is concerned. It would be great and beneficial to use their inputs all over again. The Program Director of 11th Hour Racing, Todd McGuire said they feel honored to be partners with World Sailing especially the new award that promotes and recognizes sustainability in sports. It gives them the opportunity to learn of the work performed by sailors all over the world. This is indeed a great initiative and will help in reaping best results.

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